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Get A Grip

Got to get a grip
Skin and bones, it ain't such a pity
If you think I'm vein, better shut ya lip
I can't explain how to be fat city
You gotta live large, gotta let it rip

Skin and bones, it ain't such a pity
Don't cha gimme no flack, honey shut ya lip
Ya gotta have stones if you're living in the city
If ya wanna hang loose gotta get a grip rip

Once upon a crime I thought I was cool
but I don't want to brag
Once I crossed the line I think I musta
zigged when I shoulda zagged


Same old same old every day
if things don't change you're just gonna rot
Cause if you do what you've always done
you'll always get what you always got
Uh could that be nothin'

    Centerfield 25Th Anniversary Edition
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