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ANYA (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord)

I'm so far away form everything you know,
Your name is carried on the wind.
Your ice blue waters Anya - where do they flow?
Where have they been, where have they been?

A hidden passion, touching a spark,
Flame of revolution burning wild
In your gypsy heart... Your gypsy heart.

Anya - The spirit of freedom
Anya - Ooh Anya

The light of freedom buried deep within your soul,
Across the puszta - plain to see.
The rhapsody of angel refuse to dance alone.
What do they mean, ooh, what do they mean?

Your jewel flashing across the dark,
Forbidding distance - I love your gypsy heart.
Ooh, your gypsy heart.

    Centerfield 25Th Anniversary Edition
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