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Born On The Bayou tab - creedence clearwater revival
(Andrew Rogers)
Subject: Re: REQ: "Born on the Bayou" by CCR

Yow!  Brings back memories of my bar band days, howling my balls off trying
to sing that one just like John Fogerty...

As I recall, the intro riff is just arpegggios based on this fingering
for an E7 chord: x7675x

The chords are basically just E7, with your occasional D -> A change thrown
in.  Lyrics, as best as I can remember 'em 25 years later:

 When I was just a little boy
 A-standin' to my daddy's knee
 My papa said, "son, don't let the man getcha
 And do what he done to me"

 And I can remember the Fourth of July
 A-runnin' through the backwoods bare
 And I can still hear that old hound dog barkin'
 Chasin' down a hoodoo there

 Born on the bayou...

 Wish I was back on the bayou
 A-rollin' with some Cajun queen
 Wish I was on a fast freight train
 Just a-chooglin' on down to New Orleans

Classic rock - as opposed to "Classic Rock" - by one of the greatest American
bands ever...

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